The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust believes that inequity can be reversed by consistently practicing the values of sustainability, environmental justice, equity, inclusivity, and collaboration.



We implement policies, practices, and technology that preserve the natural resources of a community to ensure the vitality of long-term sustainability.



We focus on creating environments where everyone has access to what they need to achieve their goals - whatever those may be. We believe that everyone can benefit from green spaces and that inequity in access for communities of color must be eradicated.



We value all participation in fulfilling our mission and ensure that policies and programming considers many, if not all, viewpoints through direct and transparent engagement. As key stakeholders, community input is essential to the success and sustainability of every project and campaign.



We engage and partner with civic leaders, community members, nonprofit partners, donors, funders, volunteers and supporters. To fulfill our mission it takes everyone working together to achieve and sustain success.



We drive policies that ensure that all communities are safe and free of adverse environmental factors that negatively impact their lives.


We currently operate a variety of urban parks and gardens throughout greater Los Angeles.

These rare recreation and greenspaces give children, seniors and their families an opportunity to get outdoors in a safe, healthy setting—something far too uncommon in low-income communities of color. We invite everyone to visit, play, exercise, relax, grow and enjoy.

All parks are open sunrise to sunset: