Fremont Wellness Center & Community Garden 



South Los Angeles

7821 South Avalon Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90003

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1.5 acres



Since opening the Fremont Wellness Center and Community Garden on the John C. Fremont High School campus in 2012 (in partnership with LAUSD and UMMA Community Clinic), the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust has worked with local partners and residents in the South Los Angeles community of Florence to develop a hub for urban agriculture education, food waste recycling and fresh produce access. Through our work, we educate community members and local students (who participate in our Gardening Apprenticeship Program) on modern food systems, and the critical impacts that composting and food waste have on our society. In partnership with Food Forward and LA Compost, the Fremont Wellness Center is currently composting over 500 pounds of food waste per month. Looking ahead into the future, the Neighborhood Land Trust hopes to work with LA Compost to establish the Fremont Wellness Center as a South LA hub for composting and food waste recycling.

In 2017, the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust (in partnership with UMMA Community Clinic and Food Forward) launched the bi-weekly Fremont Free Food Fair. Since it began, the event has distributed over 200,000 pounds of fresh produce that would have otherwise gone to waste, serving over 1,700 local community members. The event also brings out a wide variety of health and environmental partners who link residents picking up fresh produce with additional health and wellness resources (including enrollment in CalFresh).

Gardening Apprenticeship Program (GAP)

The GAP’s goal is to develop the leadership skills of African American and Latinx youth. In addition to providing students with a safe outdoor space to learn, grow and foster a positive sense of community, the program builds leaders who are equipped to advance environmental and food justice advocacy efforts in South Los Angeles. Fourteen students participate in the program throughout the academic year, convening twice a week at Fremont Wellness Center and Community Garden. Those who successfully complete the GAP receive a $1,000 stipend at the end of the year. By issuing stipends, we recognize that students are impacted by several socio-economic factors, and that many students work after-school jobs to help support their families. Stipends make the program more accessible and appealing to students (and parents alike), and empower participants to invest in their development without having to pass on alternative (and potentially less enriching) opportunities to earn additional income. GAP students play a key role in the management of the bi-weekly Free Food Fair events hosted on-site at the Fremont Wellness Center and Community Garden.