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kids in the garden

LA Neighborhood Land Trust is leading the way to healthier, safer and stronger communities by creating green and recreational spaces in underserved neighborhoods.

Through grassroots organizing, we work directly with residents to envision, build, and maintain urban parks and gardens that are transforming the fabric and future of greater Los Angeles. Take a look at our parks in action. Visit us on Facebook.

We are hiring!

The Land Trust is looking to fill two positions: Development Associate, and Director of Special Projects.






What is your best park memory? A game of tag? Discovering bugs under a rock? Or just gazing in wonderment at the light filtering through the leaves of a tree?

The LA Neighborhood Land Trust is creating these memories for children and families every day in the most densely built communities.

Join us by donating to the Land Trust. Give the gift of green space and help make Los Angeles a more livable city!