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The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust's ("Land Trust") mission is to grow healthier, safer, and stronger communities by creating urban parks and community gardens that remedy the critical lack of green and recreational spaces in greater Los Angeles' underserved neighborhoods. Through leadership development and programming, we engage low-income residents throughout the process of envisioning, building, and managing the projects we create, empowering them to transform their communities and quality of life through direct action and civic engagement.

History & Future

The Neighborhood Land Trust is the leading nonprofit working to create urban parks and gardens in the Los Angeles region. The organization was formed in 2002 as a 501c(3) with initial funding from the City of Los Angeles in response to a 2000 report by The Urban Land Trust Task Force, which documented the shortage of green and recreational spaces in the city’s underserved neighborhoods. Since then, the Neighborhood Land Trust has played an important role in the creation, renovation and opening of nine parks and gardens, seven of which are managed and programmed by the Neighborhood Land Trust and local community management committees.

We plan to launch up to two new projects each year so that we may realize our vision for every L.A. area resident to live within walking distance of a park or garden. Using a community-based process and strategic partnerships, we’re steadily and ambitiously working to address the unfair disparity of access to open space and its negative impact on the region’s low-income communities.


David Andrés Kietzman, Interim Executive Director

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 202 Email:


Aysha Siddique, Director of Development

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 203 Email:

Maddie Miller, Development Associate

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 212 Email:


Dira Creek, Controller

Phone: 213-337-5320 Email:

Operations, Park Programming, and Park Maintenance

Maranda Henderson, Office Manager

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 211 Email:

Brenda Yancor, Stewardship Coordinator

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 222


Keshia Sexton, Director of Organizing

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 206 Email:

Cameron Schuster, Little Green Fingers Organizer

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 217 Email:

Hugo Garcia, Lead Organizer

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 223 Email:

Jose Gutierrez, Community Organizer

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 209 Email:

Dayana Molina, Community Organizer

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 204 Email:

Jennifer Ramirez, Community Organizer

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 210 Email:

Park Development, Youth Programs, and Policy

Mark Glassock, Director of Special Projects

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 221 Email:

Megan Laird, Gardens and Youth Program Manager

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 208 Email:

Elsa Tung, Policy and Research Manager

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 219 Email:

Melissa Guerrero, Project Manager

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 201 Email:

Hope Escario, Project Manager

Phone: 213-572-0188 Ext 215 Email:

Board of Directors


Carl Cade
Board Chair

Belinda Vega
Vice Chair

Matthew Steinberg

Charles Rose


Daniel Abrams
Ben Howell
Damon Nagami
Kevin Napoli
Robert Reid
Edward Sykes
Jill Black Zalben


Annenberg Foundation
California Community Foundation
California Wellness Foundation
The California Endowment
California State Parks
City of Los Angeles
Community Health Councils
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
The Eisner Foundation
Erika J. Glazer
Ernest Lieblich Foundation
First 5 LA
Kaiser Permanente
Los Angeles County
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Red Blue Green Fund
Resources Legacy Fund
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
Roth Family Foundation
Sherwood Family Foundation
Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation
Strategic Growth Council
Walt Disney Company
The Walter J. & Holly O. Thomson Foundation
Weingart Foundation
Wells Fargo UrbanLIFT
W.M. Keck Foundation
Women Helping Youth
Wells Fargo UrbanLIFT

Advisory Board

Lindsey Angelats
Michael Condon, Jr.
Danielle Cornwell
Glen Dake
Cecilia Estolano
Belinda Faustinos
Regina Freer
Gilda Haas
Clive Hoffman
Michael Kaufman
Elizabeth Leanse Waybill
Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris
John Mack
Gerard McCallum
Jerilyn Mendoza
Carl Muhlstein
Thomas Safran
Bruce Saito
Marta Segura
Erin Tanenbaum
Amy Wakeland
Mark Walther
Elizabeth Whitted Dawson